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Abbey Shallow Injector

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General Details

Abbey Shallow Injector

The Abbey disc injector is designed to spread slurry precisely onto grassland. The injector is fitted with cast iron discs and spreads with ranges from 4 meters to 6 meters according to model.
Slurry is injected into the ground at 250mm intervals via the sharpened edged cutting disc which makes a neat and precise groove; the slurry is then placed into the groove at depths ranging from 30mm to 80mm according to the pressure setting and ground conditions. The slurry injector is a vertical folding machine and is fully galvanised to protect against corrosion and can be either tractor or tanker mounted. The injector operates with steering spring loaded legs which allow it to steer or ride over obstacles.
Standard injector frame is built for a 6M machine. However to reduce horse power requirement and cost we sell it as a 4M. If the customer feels he can go bigger, extensions can be bolted on to each end of the boom making it a 5M or 6M machine.

4M Slurry Injector

Technical Specification

  • Low ammonia emissions
    • Reduced Odour
    • Reduced nitrogen loss
    • Improved fertiliser value
    • Even application across the width of machine
    • Reduced smearing of grass and cattle will graze on field afterwards
    • Slurry utilisation of up to 75%-80% compared to 15% with conventional splash plate
    • Fully galvanised
    • 50mm reinforced hose
    • ExaCut Distributor (Self Adjusting & Sharpening)
    • Auto reverse function in distributor
    • Injector Disc’s are 400mm in diameter
    • Disc’s self steer
    • Self levelling boom to adjust to the ground contours using 4 point linkage
    • One model fits all