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Abbey Applicator Tri-App

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General Details

Abbey Applicator Tri-App

The Abbey Machinery Tri-App applicator is designed to apply slurry to the soil surface, while maximising available nitrogen, it lowers ammonia emissions, increases slurry utilisation and hence has the potential to reduce artificial fertiliser input costs, which creates savings for the user.

The Tri-App outlets work on the principle of parting the crop canopy and allowing slurry to be placed in concentrated lines on the ground. This ensures the nutrients are readily available to the crop, limiting the loss of valuable nutrients in the slurry and reducing soiling of the crop leaf with slurry.

The Abbey Machinery Tri-App 7.5 metre can be mounted on a range of Abbey tanks from a 1600 gallon upwards including standard, premium plus and tandem tankers. Bracketry and Tri-App mounting cannot be included in the premium range.

Exacut Maserator

The Distributor located at the top centre of the Tri-App gives an even application across the working width of the machine through the rotating self-sharpening blades which are auto tensioning and require very little maintenance.

The Tri-App is finished in a fully galvanised coating prolonging its life (in the typically corrosive slurry environment) and providing a longer lasting Applicator that is now expected by both farmers and contractors.

The Tri- App is specially designed where it can be used in three variants if required:

  • Rigidly tanker mounted.
  • Tanker mounted with the hydraulic mast option
  • Tractor mounted with an umbilical cord system.

Applicator Hose Ends

The 40mm heavy duty durable hose is designed with no internal hose restrictions at hose joints which ensures there are no restrictions of slurry flow from the macerator to the ground. The standard Tri-App design includes the 40mm pipe and rubber boot assembly (to part the crop canopy), but with the option of the replaceable trailing points to make it soil contacting (as in the picture here). Also available on request, the Tri-App can be supplied with 40mm pipe only leaving it as a band spreader (dribble bar) style machine.

Double Pivot Booms

The Double pivot three section boom allows outlets to follow the ground contours individually and when travelling forward protects the frame from uneven ground conditions.

Hydraulic Ram

Each of the two boom folding rams operates to gently let both boom arms down and has the added safety of a check valve. Both booms are fitted with a shut off valve to lock the booms positions, if required.

Behind this folding ram is the location for an optional flow meter, which can bolt right into place if required at a later date. This option gives the operator accurate application rate monitoring when using an umbilical system.

Standard on the ‘bracketry ready tanker’ is moving the tanker rear-back door from the back dome to the left hand side of the tanker, and lets the Abbey Tri-App applicator mast mounted machine sit tight to the back of the tanker which increases the weight transfer from the tanker to the tractor. The standard Tri-App machine can be fitted using simple tanker mounted brackets, when the tanker is bracketry ready.

Tanker Applicator Brackets

LED Lights

Each Tri-App comes fitted with LED road lights and the bracketry we have designed behind the machine allows most A-frames to be fitted. When the umbilical arm is fitted you may want to consider the optional hydraulic function quick releases and light socket, allowing hose reel lights and hydraulic motor to be linked up.

Auto Reverse

The auto reverse is standard on the Tri-App should a foreign objects get caught up in the ‘Exacut’, this will auto reverse the unit by changing the flow of oil forcing the Exacut rotor to automatically change direction assisting to free the blockage automatically. The Sub-plate under the auto-reverse valve holds a relief valve to prevent over pressure.


The Tri-App centre fame has been designed to mount an umbilical hose reel of up to and including 600m using an optional A-frame mounted assembly (red item in the photo). The optional umbilical arm has been engineered into the design to retro fit to Tri-App frame at a later date, if you do not want to consider it as part of the initial machine purchase.

The tanker mounted Tri-App applicator can be fitted to an optional mast, if the standard rigid tanker mounted machine are not for you.

Hydraulic Mast

Applicator Mast

The two main advantages of the ‘optional mast’ are:

  1. Variation of the working height of the machine on the move
  2. Faster coupling and decoupling of the machine

When replaceable ‘shoe wear tips’ are fitted, the machine becomes soil-engaging during use, making it necessary for the Tri-App to be lifted out of the ground during turning. With rigid tanker mounted Tri-App the boom arms must be folded up. With an optional mast the whole machine can be lifted slightly and efficiently to make the headland turn quicker. The mast also has the advantages of being easier to adjust the working height of the machine on the go.

The mast makes mounting and demounting of the Tri-App applicator very fast and easy, with no other equipment required. The Abbey mast design can easily be retrofitted to any Tri-App ready tanker at a later date.


Technical Specification

  • Low ammonia emissions
    • Reduced Odour
    • Reduced nitrogen loss
    • Improved fertiliser value
    • Auto Reverse function
    • Even application across the width of machine
    • Reduced smearing of grass and cattle will graze on field afterwards
    • Efficient Slurry utilization
    • Fully galvanised
    • Vertical folding inclined towards centre to minimise upper transport widths
    • 40mm pipe work supplies slurry via Flexible outlet hoses
    • Exacut distributor, for even distribution complete with auto tensioning of the head
    • Break-back boom function for uneven ground
    • Lightweight construction, no need for ballast weights on the tanker
    • Boom Arms lift independently of each other, and in a controlled manner
    • Capacity to carry a rear mounted 600M reel when required for umbilical work
    • A flanged position on the machine to allows existing reels or A frames to be used
    • Optional Umbilical Arm that can be bolted easily into position if needed
    • No internal hose restrictions at hose joints which now gradually increase as the slurry flows out
    • Machine rigidly mounted close to the tanker as standard with side door only (on the cylinder)
    • Mast mounted machine available as an option
    • Retains a rear mounted splash plate, for flexibility in different working conditions