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General Details

For Those Who Demand More

150 - 240 hp / 110 - 177 KW
Puma CVX has a well-established reputation for a premium product in terms of tractor quality. Built in Austria around proven CVX continuously-variable transmission, and the latest FPT engine technology, Puma CVX retains the high standards set by its predecessors. With seven models from 150-240 hp (rated), the Puma CVX series sits squarely in territory that means it suits the most demanding applications in both arable, contracting and livestock farming situations.

Available Models

Models Rated Power
[HP(CV) / KW]
Boosted Max. Power
[HP(CV) / KW]
Transmission Max. Lift
Capacity [KG]
Puma 150 CVX 150 / 110 190 / 140 CVX, 40Kph ECO 8,257 2,734
Puma 165 CVX 165 / 121 210 / 155 CVX, 40Kph ECO 8,257 2,734
Puma 175 CVX 180 / 132 225 / 166 CVX, 40Kph ECO 8,257 2,734
Puma 185 CVX 180 / 132 225 / 166 CVX, 50Kph ECO 10,463 2,884
Puma 200 CVX 200 / 147 245 / 180 CVX, 50Kph ECO 10,463 2,884
Puma 220 CVX 220 / 162 260 / 192 CVX, 50Kph ECO 10,463 2,884
Puma 240 CVX 240 / 177 270 / 199 CVX, 50Kph ECO 10,463 2,884


- Travel In Total Comfort

A range of seat options for Puma tractors means operators benefit from the best ride in the industry. The Puma models boast an extremely comfortable, quiet and ergonomically designed cab with excellent allround-visibility. This operating concept is tailored to the needs and wishes of our clients in the most effective way possible, for minimum familiarization time and maximum work results!

- Intuitive Operation Puts You In Control

The Multicontroller™ armrest, ICP operator’s panel and AFS Pro 700™ touchscreen monitor combines all the key tractor functions. From selecting the ground speed or the industry leading Headland Management Control II, to operating the front and rear hitch – with the Multicontroller™ armrest, you have everything under complete control.

- Power and Efficiency

The powerful 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder engine is designed to generate power and optimize fuel efficiency. Stage IV emissions standards are achieved with our proprietary high efficiency Hi-eSCR only after-treatment System.

- Stepless and Seamless

Puma 150-240 CVX tractors feature the pioneering Case IH CVX continuously-variable transmission, offering stepless travel with DKT double clutch technology for seamless power transfer and excellent fuel and power efficiency. Automatic Productivity Management (APM) fine-tunes the tractor’s settings to minimise fuel consumption. By coordinating the engine, transmission and PTO with the Multicontroller™ or the travel pedal, the ideal balance of fuel efficiency and productivity is achieved.

- High Performance Hydraulics

PUMA tractors are designed for heavy-duty work and a Maximum lift capacity of 10,463 kg at the rear ensures plenty of ability to handle implements with ease. From entry level mechanical actuated remote valves to electronic valves that can be programmed for flow and duration, Puma tractors can be configured to tackle any task or implement combination.

- Comfort, Control and Safety

The suspended front axle (optional) ensures smooth travel and improved operating comfort. If you frequently travel on roads, the ABS system, which is also available as an option, provides a clear benefit when it comes to safety – a benefit only offered by one series tractor in this class: the Case IH Puma.

- Precise Control

With the Case IH AFS systems, you can maximize your efficiency and choose from a full range of guidance solutions, offering accuracy levels of up to 2.5 cm. The AFS Pro 700™ monitor, which can be integrated as an option, allows you to maintain control at all times – for example the HMC II (Headland Management Control II), which means that you have a state-of-the-art end of row system.

Technical Specification

Case IH